Yoga Greeley


90 minute Hot Teacher Lead Class:  90 minutes, classic Hatha Yoga, hot 105 degrees, 26 postures 2 breathing exercises, best beginning yoga class ever, teacher talks the whole time, class doesn't vary and has been taught same way for 45 years.  Beginning doesn't mean easy, but does mean safe.  This is the class to start with.  Anyone can try!

90 minute Hot Silent Class: Normally shorter than 90 min, not as hot 100 degrees, teacher or student run,  26 postures 2 breathing exercises, silent or music.  Not the best place to start, but if you are shy it's ok to try here first.

60 Minute Flow:  60 minutes (fast),  around 100 degrees, all 84 classic Hatha Yoga postures (if possible), not beginning, it is follow the teacher best you can kind of class.

We will start our first Vinyasa Class Jan. 17 Noon.  100 degrees or so.